Are Waist Trainers Safe?

Waist Trainers Safe
Waist Trainer Tips

Are waist trainers safe? If you use them safely, they are. It is that simple! With the rise in popularity of waist training, the myths and confusions surrounding this trend are also on the rise. If you find yourself gravitating towards starting your waist training, do not let the naysayers hold you back.

Waist training, as you know, is not a new thing. For hundreds of years, it has been a permanent feature of beauty enhancement techniques. This fact alone is a testament to the reliability of waist trainers. The chances are, you have social-media friends who cannot seem to have enough of their waist training regimen.

What Happens When You Train Your Waist?

However, if you find yourself a little hesitant, it is probably a good thing, as it pays off to be inquisitive. You should know what you are getting yourself into. Just like you read the components of any product before applying it onto your skin, you should know the principles behind any fitness or body-enhancing plan.

Simply put, waist training is a way to reduce the size of your waist. It is an effective way to get your body back into shape and enjoy an enviable hourglass figure. This is how it works. You get a cincher or a corset and put it on your body for extended periods.

The constriction caused by the fabric of a cincher or the metal boning of a corset trains your abdomen to occupy less space. This pretty much follows the same principle as the one behind teeth-bracing. However, it is to be noted that the results from waist-training may not be as permanent.

Waist training is not as an extreme body-modification technique, as it is sometimes thought to be. It involves a subtle shift in the places of your internal organs. Believe it or not, your abdomen does have some space, giving your tummy an opportunity to shrink.

Let Us Address Some Concerns

There are some popularly held health concerns related to waist training. Let us try to address the most important ones.

Permanent Damage

Many people believe if they train their waist long enough they will permanently halve their waist and in doing so, they will permanently damage their body. This is simply not true. You have to have your realistic expectations as well as apprehensions.

Long-term waist training can reduce your waist by a few inches. However, if you stop your training it will not take your body long to get back to its post-training condition.

Changing Shapes

The misconception that waist-training may result in a change in shape and functionality of any of your organs is completely baseless. MRIs of corsetters clearly show organs like kidney and liver remain completely unaffected.

When you wear a waist trainer your stomach and colon shift a bit. Your lower ribs that are also sometimes called the floating ribs come in a little along with your waist creating the alluring hourglass.

This type of organ-shifting is not something totally unnatural. Pregnant women experience a similar thing. To make some room for the baby, mother’s bladder moves down while the lungs move up and forward without any harm to the mother’s body.

Core strength

Waist trainers are accused of significantly reducing a person’s core strength. This is only true if you wear your corset day and night all year long. Most people who train there waist simply are not as extreme.

The muscles in your abdomen do hold your torso up. Depending too much on your corset to bear the weight of your upper body may make your abs sluggish and lazy. This concern can easily be taken care of by sensible waist-training, where you take some time out every day and force your abdominal muscles to get

Shallow breathing

Getting the right size and fit of a waist trainer is essential. It is also important to give your body some time to get used to your corset. If you lace your corset too tightly too early on, you may be constricting your diaphragm a little too much. This may result in shallow breathing.

To avoid discomfort and dizziness get the right corset and give your body some time before you go full-throttle. You should also try to avoid wearing any heavy waist training gear during exercise. Wearing tight corsets while sleeping should also be avoided.

A quality waist trainer that hits you at all the right places is not going to hurt you. Comfort, moderation, and consistency can make your waist training experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

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