Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Waist Trainer Review

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A trim waste is always in vogue. The new found obsession with an hourglass, very apparent all over social media, has made a small waist even more desirable. Sure, diet and exercise are essential to shedding weight and achieving a streamlined waist. However, it does not hurt to get some extra help. A waist cincher can provide you the help you are looking for.

Squeem Perfect Waist Shapewear is pretty much as good as they come. The vast experience of Squeem in Brazilian fashion industry has allowed them to come up with a sensual yet effective waist firmer. This strapless waist cincher slims and elongates your waste. It puts pressure on all the right places to help you tuck your tummy and make the most of your glamorous party wear.


You can find shape-wears at every corner of the clothing market. However, to come across a quality waist cincher that is sophisticated yet strong is somewhat rare. Following features of Squeem waist firmer give it an edge.

  • The waist cincher is made of highly intelligent Squeem fabric
  • The interior of the cincher is made durable and comfortable with triple-filtered cotton lining
  • The exterior of the waist shaper is made of 100% natural rubber allowing it unmatched adaptability
  • 14 small hooks in 2 columns are very strong yet minimalistic, do not show under thin tops
  • Internal flexible boning gives it the crucial spot-control abilities and prevent fabric roll up
  • It is available in a¬†wide size range. 9 different sizes are on offer, perfect for women with waistlines as small as 25 inches all the way to much fuller 50 inches
  • The strapless shapewear compliments all types of dresses


Style and sensuality are the most notable qualities of Squeem Waist Cincher. It has been designed keeping a glamorous and busy woman in mind. It goes well with your every day clothes as well as more trendy wear. You can wear it to the gym and can comfortably do your yoga exercises. Let us take a look at some more remarkable benefits of this versatile cincher.

The ingenious fabric is comfortable and soft. The internal boning help create a homogeneous silhouette. The smart material offers well-distributed compression, working on each part of your midsection to create a perfect waist.

The 100% natural latex is non-toxic and non-allergenic. The elastic and gentle material is very adaptable. It wraps itself around the curves of your body seamlessly.

It is made keeping all-day convenience in mind. The sensual material gently provides your back some support and helps tone your abdomen muscles by forcing you to sit and stand straight.

It offers optimal waist-support without straps. This allows you to choose a wide range of dresses and tops to go with your shapewear. You can wear the glamorous off-shoulder tops as well as very light strapless summer tops and shirts without giving it a second thought.

The main purpose of this waist shaper is to give you an ideal waist. However, it can offer you surprising help with your overeating. It is not easy to eat till you are stuffed with this cincher. If you go overboard, you will immediately feel discomfort in your gut. Wear this cincher regularly and see your weight drop!

The shining glory of this waist firmer is the combination of style and toughness. The fabric is as soft as clouds, but the compression is ever present. This firm structure gives your back something to rely on. You can perform your everyday task as well as exercise without worrying about putting your back in too much stress.

The smart material gently hugs your curves and compresses at all the right spots. It does not try to over pressurize your midsection. It gets the desired results without squeezing you to your bones.


It is a quality waist cincher made from quality fabric. It does its intended job very gently. However, when wearing this shaper keep the following things in mind.

You can wear this cincher for 8-10 hours straight without feeling any discomfort. However, it is important to give your body some rest. It is not advisable to wear this corset while sleeping.

Some women might find the length of the cincher slightly smaller at first, however, if you buy the right size and adjust it according to your waist you might find it perfectly suited to your body.

This is not an inexpensive shapewear, and the fabric and construction quality give you an idea why. This shapewear is definitely worth your investment, as it is durable and renders you thin waste without compromising style and sophistication.


Squeem Waist Cincher is a functional yet discrete body shaper that lives up to all of its promises. It delivers picture-perfect curves with soft compression. It gives your body a better shape and posture without forgoing sensuality. If you are in need of a cincher that can help you get ready for your big day out, this is the one.

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