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So you have finally caved into this sweeping trend of waist training. Well, it is about time. Waist training can do your body real good. It can take off unattractive inches off your waist and give you a fresh shapely start.

If you are a little confused as to which waist trainer is going to work best for you and what is the right way to use the waist trainer of your choice, you have come to the right place. We have all the answers for a beginner to get better acquainted with waist training. Just read up!

Get the Right Waist Trainer

There are so many different kinds of waist trainers to choose from. It’s exciting! You have latex-based waist cinchers, shaping briefs, back-bulge minimizers and shape wears on one hand and steel-boned corsets on the other hand.

Waist shapers are a great tool to hide the extra bit of flab when you are going for a night out, however, if you are seriously looking for waist training that can offer more permanent results, corsets are the tools to have. High-quality latex waist cinchers can also help, if worn right.

Size Matters

When it comes to selecting the right waist trainer, size does matter. Think about it! You are ordering a trainer to get your waist smaller, if it is too big, it defeats the purpose. If the waist trainer is too small, it will not fit well and cause discomfort or potential harm.

When it comes to more stretchable waist trainers just being in the right ball park may suffice, however, you need to have the right measurements of your body before picking up a corset. Measure your underbust, natural waist, upper hip as well as your torso length.

You can easily figure out your torso length by measuring the distance between your underbust and the leg-bend while you are sitting down. Your torso length as well your body curves should greatly inform your decision of getting the right-sized waist-trainer.

Seasoning is Crucial

Once you have got your hands on a waist trainer perfect for your body shape, it is time to try it on. Latex-made trainers are fairly simple to put on. Well, kind of. You will need to make some effort to squeeze into one of those. When it comes to corsets, a little care won’t hurt.

When wearing your corset for the first time, try not to lace yourself in too tightly. Your body needs some time to get used to a waist trainer. The corset and its metal linings need some time to get rightly seasoned as well.

A corset has two pieces of fabrics. The laces on the back intertwine the pieces, and a modesty panel comes right under the laces. When you are trying on the waist trainer for the first time, do not worry about the modesty panel reaching all the way to the other side.

If you tighten up your corset too much in the first few days, you will not be allowing the boning and the fabric of the corset to adjust to your body, and you will be putting your waist trainer as well as your body at risk of being hurt.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We know you will love nothing more than to start living in your waist trainer all day long. However, when you are just starting out, some restraint will be wonderful. For the first couple of days, do not wear your corset for more than a couple of hours daily. Work your way up to 6 to 8 hours a day in the next two weeks.

Whether you have got yourself a satin or a mesh corset or more stylish brocade one, consistency is the key to your desired hourglass figure. Do not rush things and give your body and your corset some time to show the effects.

Try not to sleep in your waist trainer for the first few weeks as your body may not have adjusted to the pressure just yet. When you do start waist training while sleeping, make sure your waist is cinched a couple of inches looser.

Get Physical

If you are one of those people who think wearing a waist trainer will help you drop the pounds, you may be slightly disappointed. A cincher will stop you from eating big meals; however, you will not be able to see any long-lasting weight-loss without some exercise.

You can exercise in your latex waist trainer, but do not attempt to exercise while wearing your precious corset. It will wreak havoc on the boning of the corset and will not be pleasant for your body as well.

There you have it! If you get the right waist trainer and be consistent with using it, you can optimize your waist-training results.

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