Camellias Women’s Latex Waist Trainer Corset

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4/5 on July 8, 2017

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The Camellias Women’s latex corset is another excellent waist shape and slimmer. The company is known for manufacturing some of the best latex trainers on the market, and this one is no different.

This Camellias corset comes constructed with two layers. The inner layer of the corset is made from soft and cozy cotton. This makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. At the same time, the cotton layer ensures that once you start slimming and sweating, the cotton can absorb the sweat and ensure that you feel comfortable wearing it.

The outer layer of the corset is constructed from 100% latex. The corset has a very breathable overall design which allows you to wear it all day long without feeling any discomfort whatsoever. Camellias have used high-quality steel bones in this corset’s structure. More specifically, the corset features 25 steel bones. These steel bones give the corset its excellent durability and shapeliness. At the same time, the steel bones are flexible enough to adapt to pressure. This allows you to wear this corset comfortably sitting down, standing down or going about your daily activities without any problems.

The corset also features a classic 3 hooks design on the front. These hooks help you adjust the fitting of the corset, and they come in very handy once your waistline starts getting smaller. You can simply use the hooks to adjust the corset to the slimmer waistline, and it will adjust perfectly.

This Camellias corset applies just the right amount of pressure on your abdominal area to boost the body’s thermal activity. You can wear it during workouts, waist training programs as well as during your everyday activities. The design and look of the corset are so that it completely blends in with your dress and looks great. It also gently lifts the underbust, giving you figure a more shapely look.

This corset is available in a huge variety of colors. These include Black, Beige, Blue, Purple, Yellow Leopard pattern, USA flag pattern, and orange. You can choose a black or beige one to blend in more easily with your dresses or go with one that fits more perfectly with your wardrobe.

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