Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Review

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Whether you are new to waist training or have been reaping the extraordinary benefits of corsets for years, you must be aware of the importance of a quality product. A heavy-duty waist-training corset helps to train your body to get into the desirable hourglass shape. Regularly wearing a well-crafted corset can trim down the inches off your waist very effectively.

Camellias 26-boned corset is as sturdy as they come when it comes to waist trainers. Durable material and heavy-duty steel support give your body plenty of shape and structure. Consistent use of a corset like this gives you the opportunity to take your waist training to the next level and aim for a more permanent waist reduction. However, for the corset to work its magic, all the right ingredients have to be there. Let us look at what Camellias Women’s 26 steel-boned corset has to offer.


  • It has a sturdy and structured body with 26 steel bones working together to give it the ingenious shape.
  • 20 spiral steel bones give its waist the power to cinch your tummy in.
  • The back grommets have plenty of support with 4 effectively spread out steel bars.
  • The remaining 2 steel bars are placed adjacent to the front busk, giving your front torso extra support.
  • The highly efficient and stylized 3 layers of fabric work well with the steel bones. The 2 inner layers are made of comfortable cotton and are laminated with the outer layer to give the corset a thin yet strong armor feel.
  • 5 metal cusps give the front a trendy look.
  • Strong laces are in the back, with black strings to match the corset.
  • Garter attachment loops on either side are a convenient feature.
  • A waist tape reinforces the waistline effectively.
  • An elegant modesty panel goes well with the laces.


This formidable corset is available for women with average to long torso length. Different sizes are available to cater to the waist-training needs of women with varying waist measurements. Here are the dimensions it offers.

  • Center Front: 11-12” accompanied with a 10” busk
  • Side Length: 9 ¾” – 10 ½”
  • Center Back: 12 ¼” – 13”
  • Underbust to Hip: 9 ½” – 10”


Let us face it for a heavy-duty waist trainer the Camellias 26 steel boned corset is downright inexpensive. It is hard to find a well-made corset for under $40, but this one is definitely an exception. The reason for its conception is the heavy-duty waist training. It is important to get the cincher of the right size and allowing some seasoning time to get it adjusted to your body. The durable material allows you to wear it every day and even during sleep with some considerations.

It is made of durable fabric, and the steel boned skeleton is surprisingly comfortable. It is easy to use and tie on your own. The variety in size allows you to choose the right one depending on your measurements as well as your waist training goals. It is made keeping an average shaped woman in mind. You do not have to have the deadly curves to get the best of this corset. It does not require ample bust or hip to fill it in. The main target area is the waist which is significantly cinched, with the first try out.

The solid structure offers plenty of back support. This is one of the surprising advantages of this corset. It is not merely a body shaper or a style accessory. It can help people with back issues. It almost forces you to sit straight, provides the beneficial lumbar support and takes away the extra pressure from your backbone. It is designed to give the benefits of waist cinching and training. However, if you want to spice up your style, you can also use it to give your cosplay look the extra oomph. You can team it up with your Halloween costume or make your everyday top a little spicier.

This corset is solid yet can still fit in seamlessly under your clothes. The shape and silhouette of this waste trainer discourage unsightly bulges. The modesty panel on the back allows you to wear the corset on the outside without showing your skin. It puts pressure on your tummy discouraging you from eating heavier meals. This combined with an exercise routine can help you cut down your size. The solid structure can also help you get back in shape after delivery.


This corset gives you great value for your money. However, if you are just looking for a shapewear and are not interested in serious waist training, this corset is not for you. A latex cincher will suit you perfectly. Some women may find the laces small. However, if you get the right-sized corset, you can avoid this problem. Long shoelaces can also work well to give you the extra length. This corset can be worn under your everyday clothes. However, do not expect it to get unnoticed under a satin top. If you want a stealthy cincher, go for satin or mesh corsets, also available at very reasonable prices.


Camellias Women’s 26 Steel Boned Corset is the best corset you can get in the same price range. It is well crafted and durable and gives impressive waist-training results. It is chic to look at and strong when it comes to performance. The corset hugs your body at all the right places and puts pressure on all the right spots to give you a curvy shape. Regular use of this corset is likely to give you significant results.

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