Ann Chery Women’s Latex Girdle Body Shaper

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Ann Chery Women’s latex girdle is another quickly waist trimmer and trainer. This specific waist trainer is meant to provide a fool-proof security against sliding and will stay in its place for extended periods during wear. The added features of this latex girdle offer the right amount of flexibility and comfort while helping you shape up your waistline.

This latex girdle is constructed from premium quality latex material and features a high-compression latex band. It is this latex band which ensures that the girdle will remain in its position throughout the day without sliding even a little. At the same time, the girdle is designed so that it gently lifts and centers your bust, giving you a smarter look that you want.

The girdle also features shoulder straps and high back arches. These features stabilize the girdle in its place while at the same time, cover the bra-bulge to give you a perfect look. The latex construction of this girdle is immensely effective in trimming down the waist. The latex works by applying a controlled pressure on the abdominal area. This pressure increases the body heat in the area. As a result, the muscles in the area work out more, significantly reducing fat deposits in virtually no time.

This Ann Chery girdle also features dual column-eye hooks on the front. These hooks help you adjust the pressure and the fitting of the girdle. And they are particularly useful as you slim down and the waistline is reduced. Once that happens, you can use the hooks to adjust the girdle and still manage a perfect fit. In most cases, you will be able to experience a significant decrease in your waist size within 4 to 6 weeks of using this girdle.

The girdle is available in beige and black color options. It is also available in a wide range of sizes, starting at 30 inches and going all the way to 42 inches.

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