Best Waist Trainer Buyer’s Guide (2017)

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Everyone from Vivien Leigh of “Gone With the Wind” and Kate Winslet of “Titanic” to Kim Kardashian of “Instagram” has had some help from the incredible shape-altering benefits of corsets and waist trainers. How about you?

Waist training is a time-tested technique for achieving small waist. Women, all across the world and over many centuries have been using waist training to trim their bodies down. It is an effective way to enhance your natural figure and accentuate your curves. The renewed obsession of our society with the hourglass figure is bringing waist training to the forefront again.waist trainer

Waist trainers are the tools that make your waist training possible. There are many kinds of waist trainers out there. Everything from Corsets and Waist-cinchers to Body-shapers, Waist-trimmers, and Shaping Briefs fall under the umbrella of waist trainers.

While the shapers give you an instant hourglass, the more dedicated corsets help teach your waist ways to cinch itself more permanently. A well-made waist trainer compresses your waist evenly from all sides reducing the space occupied by your abdomen. It helps rearrange fat as well as internal organs to improve your waist-to-hip ratio.

Consistency is the key when it comes to waist training. If you give your waist trainer some time and complement your waist training endeavor with proper exercise and diet, you can reap amazing rewards. Wearing a firm shapewear at the gym is the trend of the moment. You do, however, need to get yourself the right waist trainer.

How to choose the Best Waist trainer?

Choosing a waist trainer that gels well with your body shape as well as your needs is crucial. If you are looking for a waist cincher that can go well under your clothes, sophisticated and sensual waist-slimmers are appropriate. Available in nude and other light hues latex and satin-based waist trainers can be worn with virtually any garment.

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If a gym partner is what you want, a body-shaper with compression is what you should get. It can offer extra heat for your midsection while you are giving your abs a tough workout. A waist trainer made of breathable mesh can give you pressure as well as comfort.

If you are looking for something more rigid and serious, a well-structured corset should be opted. Durable materials and steel boning give them a firm bodice. The available laces give you the option to tighten them up as you shed inches.

All kinds of waist trainers help your body with the posture. If you experience back pain often, you should get a body slimmer that can provide your back some support and strengthen your core by forcing you to put most of your upper weight on your abdominal muscles rather than your back.

What to look for in a good waist trainer?

When ordering a waist trainer, there are certain things other than its cost that should be considered. Depending on your comfort level, you should examine your waist trainer to see if it has inline boning or not. Many waist-cinchers and corset whether latex-made or cotton-based, employ the efficacy of covered boning to offer firm yet flexible structure.

A good waist trainer should have steel boning spread evenly across its body. Plastic boning is cheaper but can lose its shape rather quickly. Spiral steel boning is the way to go when looking for durable and adaptable waist trainers.

Another consideration should be the shape of the waist trainer. Depending on your taste, you can go for an Underbust or an Overbust corset. Strapless Underbust Waist Trainers are more versatile as they go well with different styles of clothing. The Overbust brocade corsets can be a stand-alone piece of garment that can be worn over your clothes.

The way the waist trainer straps around your body should not be ignored. Many waist shapers or cinchers that are latex based, only utilize the compression of the material itself. However, others use zips, hook-and-eye closures as well as metal clips on the front to provide flexible strapping. Most corsets use lacing to tighten the waist trainer according to need.

Is Waist training Safe?

Most waist trainers are perfectly safe. If you get a waist trainer in the right size, you can expect to get the desired benefits without it negatively affecting your health. Before going out to get a waist trainer, carefully measure your natural waist, Underbust, upper hips as well as your torso length.

Get a waist trainer that is not so small that it gives you a constricting feel and not so big that it fails to cinch your waist. Give your trainer some seasoning time, to get accustomed to your curves. Go slow. Early on, do not wear your waist trainer in your sleep. Eat healthy and exercise well. Your waste training will be perfectly safe and effective, and the hourglass figure shall be yours!

Squeem Perfect Waist Firm Compression Waist Cincher Shapewear

A trim waste has always been in vogue and is never likely to go out of style. If you are looking to take your beauty game to the next level, there is nothing wrong with some extra help from a smart waist cincher. Squeem Perfect Waist Shapewear is just the thing. This sensual waist firmer narrows down your waist to give you the deadly curves that will help you stay on top of the reinvigorated hourglass trend.


  • The smart Squeem fabric of the waist trainer allows it to work perfectly with your body to aim for optimal curves
  • Triple filtered cotton lining makes the interior of the cincher durable
  • 100% natural rubber gives the exterior its adaptability and strength
  • 14 small hooks in columns, allow flexible sizing options
  • The waist cincher is available in 9 different sizes


This waist cincher combines style and sensuality to offer you a shapewear that goes well with your everyday clothes as well as more glamorous party attire. You can even wear it to gym or yoga classes to maximize your exercise benefits.

The natural latex used in the waist trainer make it non-toxic and non-allergenic. The soft fabric helps create a homogenous silhouette. Well-distributed compression allows the shapewear to wrap around the curves of your body seamlessly.

It provides optimal waist-support all day long. The sensual material gently offers the lumbar support and tones your abdomen muscles by forcing you to sit and stand straight.

The strapless design allows you to pair this cincher with a wide range of dresses and tops. You can wear off-shoulder tops as well as summer shirts without revealing the shapewear.

This waist shaper can help you lose weight as well as it renders it slightly difficult to stuff your stomach up while wearing this tight shapewear. The ultimate compression offered by this waist cincher puts the right amounts of pressure at the right spots to give you the body you always wanted.


The cincher is designed to be worn for long periods, without any discomfort. However, it is not wise to wear this cincher while you are asleep as it can cause some breathing issues.

Some people may find the length of the cincher slightly small; however, getting a bigger size can sort this issue without any hassle.


Squeem Waist Cincher shapes your body without giving your secret away. Picture-perfect curves are made possible with comfortable compression, and the beautiful design allows you to wear it under your favorite clothes on your big night out. This waist cincher promises a tinier waist without any discomfort. You are sure to find out the cincher lives up to its promises!

Camellias Women’s 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer

If trimming down your waist is the goal, a well-crafted corset can help. Regular use of a heavy-duty waist-training corset makes an hourglass figure a reality. However, your corset has to have all the right ingredients if you want permanent waist reduction. Camellias Women’s waist trainer has all the elements to cinch your waist perfectly.


  • 26 steel bones give this waist trainer a sturdy structure. The 20 spiral bones give it its ingenious cinching power.
  • 3 layers of fabric give the corset more defined and refined shape. The inner cotton layers give the corset a light and breezy feel.
  • The heavy-duty corset closes on the front with the help of 5 dependable metal-cusps.
  • Black laces in the back help adapt the corset to your sizing needs.


You would be hard pressed to find a quality corset under $40 in the market; this one sure is an exception. The sturdy and durable corset allows you to enjoy efficient and effective waist-training for many hours a day, for many months.

The steel bones are surprisingly comfortable and adaptable. They target your waist to cut down the inches, without feeling constrictive. The corset works perfectly to shape the body of an average woman into a flattering hourglass shape.

This is undoubtedly a serious waist trainer. Most heavy-duty corsets do not go well with your clothes. However, Camellias 26 steel boned corset fits seamlessly under clothes. You do not have to worry about it causing unsightly bulges. It’s chic appearance and a modesty panel at the back, allows you to wear it as a fashion statement as well.

It improves your posture without you even knowing. Its solid frame makes you stand and sit straight and provides your back the essential lumbar support. By straightening up your spine it elongates your torso, giving you a leaner silhouette.


This corset goes well under clothes; however, if shapewear is what you want, this waist trainer is not for you. You should opt for much lighter latex or satin body shapers.

For the corset to work its magic, you have to get one in the right size. If the size is not correct, you may find the laces a tad bit smaller. Long shoelaces can solve the issue, though.


If you are looking for the best value for your money, Camellias Women’s 26 Steel Boned Corset is just the thing. It is strong and durable, without compromising on elegance and style. It hugs your waist well and effectively cinches it to give you a curvy body you always wanted.

Camellias Women’s Waist Trainer Belt

A quality waist training belt can help you get the most out of your training and workout sessions. By improving your posture, a belt can give your body the strength to go the extra mile. Camellias Women’s Waist Trainer Belt provides your back, dependable support and activates your abdominal muscles during exercise. It targets the stubborn belly fat and helps you attain a firmer and leaner waist without much hassle.


  • The belt is made of high-quality 100% Latex-free Neoprene fabric
  • The versatile belt is available in 7 different colors; Black, Orange, Purple, Beige, Blue, Rose and Lemon Green
  • Designed to fit different body shapes and sizes the belt is 7 inches high in the front and 8.5 inches in the back
  • 5 different lengths of the waist trainer are available
  • Comfortable belts with mesh material are available in Black and Beige


The highly effective Neoprene fabric heats up the abdomen during your workout sessions. Your belly sweats more and the fat burns faster. The compression of the fabric works wonders to enhance targeted fat reduction on your abdomen.

The fabric compresses your waist without causing you any discomfort or irritation. The fabric is Latex free ensuring comfortable waist training. Simple Velcro straps add to its convenience.

If you go for a Black or Beige mesh belt, you can access superior breathability and comfort. The belt makes for a perfect training companion. If you want to avoid over-sweating during your exercise sessions, the breathable mesh material can come in handy.

The waist training belt cinches your waist and offers you valuable lumbar support during physical exertions. It helps you streamline your recuperation and provides you deterrence against injuries like a herniated disc.

The belt is not only the perfect tool for the gym; it goes well with all sorts of outdoor activities. By increasing your core strength, the belt helps you perform better at activities like cycling, running and soccer, etc.


Try to hand wash this sturdy belt with lukewarm water. To ensure durability, avoid putting it up on a hanger to wring it dry.

If you are looking for added back support while you sleep, you should consult your physician before trying it on for the night, as this belt can cause some discomfort.


This belt is a successful waist training and weight loss tool, as it improves your physical performance and allows your body to aim for higher goals when it comes to exercise. The belt comes in various sizes, and the Velcro straps make it easy to put on. It is convenient and effective. A perfect exercise partner can help you realize your weight loss dreams!

Women’s Latex Underbust Waist Trainer Corset Waist Shaper with 9 Steel Bones

Waist training is the trend of the moment. Many products in the market promise the perfect hourglass figure. However, finding a well-fitting corset that offers just the right amount of pressure can be tricky. Women’s Latex Underbust Corset with 9-steel bones promises the perfect balance of sturdiness and malleability. Its firm structure brings your waist in shape, while the soft material allows for comfortable and stylish waist-training routine.


  • The chic waist shaper is available in Black, Beige, Blue, and Rose.
  • Its three layers of fabric give it heightened comfort and flexibility. Cotton inner lining improves breathability while Latex and Nylon add to its adaptability.
  • The versatile corset is available to fit all size bodies. 10 different sizes ranging from XS to 6XL are up for grasp.
  • 9-spiral Felix boning gives the corset its structure.
  • 3 columns of hook-and-eye closures on the front make sizing convenient.


The amazingly light and flexible is the crowning glory of this corset. The highly elastic and strong three layers of fabric hug your body in all the right places to train your waist optimally.

The light fabric allows you to wear the corset under your clothes. It makes for a perfect workout partner. Its stealthy presence along with its breathability makes it the right choice for your workout support.

High compression material works instantly to cinch your waist and shape your body. The compression puts pressure on your stomach, restricting the amount of food it can hold. You eat less and see yourself lose weight quickly.

9 steel bones spiral across the body of the corset, complementing the compression offered by the fabric to take your waist training to the next level. The bones are soft and surprisingly elastic. They can bend along the curves of your body without losing their shape.


This corset is designed with keeping women with wider mid-sections in mind. If you have ample chest and upper legs, the corset might not fit you perfectly. Go one size bigger.

This corset works well with your clothes to streamline your silhouette. However, you need to make sure you get the right size; otherwise, the corset may show under light tops.


If you want to train your waist without forgoing comfort, Women’s Latex Underbust Waist-Trainer with 9 Steel Bones, makes perfect sense. This super-comfy corset offers its waist training benefits to all-sized women, thanks to its highly versatile and malleable construction. If you want immediate yet long-lasting results, do not wait to order this waist trainer.

SEXYWG Waist Trainer Cincher

Want to increase your glamor quotient? Try a waist cincher! Women have been wearing corsets and shapewear all throughout history. Modern waist cinchers can offer you the same waist-slimming benefits without the discomfort of rigid corsets of the past. When it comes to comfortable waist trainers, few are better than SEXYWG Waist Trainer Cincher. The breathable fabric trims your waist without restricting your movements. To attain killer curves with comfort, give this cincher a try!


  • The tummy slimmer cincher is available in two convenient colors; Black and Apricot
  • Three columns of hook-and-eye closures allow better adaptability
  • Built-in steel bones gives this girdle its surprising strength
  • Available in 6 different sizes it aims to realize waist-slimming dreams of all women
  • The breathable and stretchy mesh fabric is sleek and durable at the same time


This relatively inexpensive waist trainer is perfect for wearing under your fashionable clothes when you go out for a dinner or a celebration. It hides the love handles and tucks your stomach in to help you fit better in your clothes.

It goes seamlessly under your gym wear. You can use it to maximize the benefits of your aerobic exercises as well as your muscle-toning sessions. The breathable mesh fabric assures ease and comfort during your gym sessions

The fabric is soft, and the steel boning is elastic. This allows you to wear this waist trainer all day long without worrying about the dreaded back sores.

The durability of the structure makes it possible to enjoy its waist-cinching for many months without any fears of change in its shape. The 3 hook-and-eye closures help you change the size of the corset along with your ever-slimming waistline.

You can wear it to your work, without anyone noticing. Long hours in the office become much more comfortable with the posture-support this cincher offers.


It is an all-purpose waist cincher; however, it is not designed to give permanent waist-training results. Corsets are more suited for that.

If you do not buy the right sized trainer or go for aggressive tightening from the get go, the cincher can hinder your exercise routine by making your breathing more stressful. Try to buy the cincher in the right size.


If you are looking for a light and durable shapewear that goes well with all of your outfits, SEXYWG Waist Shaper will not disappoint. It works seamlessly to tuck your tummy in, gives your torso postural support and proves to be a perfect exercise partner. What more could you want from your waist trainer!

SAYFUT Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss

When you are looking for a waist trainer, make sure to pick one that goes well with your body and your fitness routine. Whether you want an hourglass figure or additional back support, a well-made corset can make your life easier. SAYFUT Waist Trainer Corset is an all-purpose body shaper that ticks all the waist-training check boxes. It trims down your waist, optimizes the curves of your body, improves your posture and helps you lose weight by boosting your workout results. There is seemingly nothing this corset cannot do!


  • It is available in two glamorous and evergreen hues; Black and Nude
  • Polyamide fabric gives the corset its flexibility
  • 4 built-in bones give the waist trainer its structure and firmness
  • 3 rows of hook-and-eye closures in the front allow easy fittings
  • 9 different sizes ranging from small to XXXXXX-Large, cater to women with varying waist sizes


This corset is a great tool to take your beauty game to the next level. The tear-proof Polyamide fabric is durable yet soft. It is weaved into a comfortable and effective mesh to improve the appearance and flexibility.

It is a smartly designed corset that compresses your waist at all the right places and lies comfortably above your hips, giving you cinched waist as well as firmer hips. It offers all this while giving your back the support it needs.

The corset is made of thin fabric, giving you the opportunity to wear it under your clothes. The corset does not scrunch up and gives a seamless waist training support even when you are out and about.

This waste shaper is the perfect piece of garment for new moms, as it helps them lose weight more quickly and effectively. It takes the tummy in and brings the loose abdominal muscles back to their pre-pregnancy shape.

The 4 steel bones structure the waist shaper well. The elastic boning allows the corset to seamlessly change its shape along with the changing curves of your body.


The corset is made of tough and durable material; however, it has to be washed gently to ensure its durability. It is best to hand wash the corset without any bleach or harsh detergents.

This waist trainer works well with your exercise sessions. If you are looking for more dedicated waist training, you should go for a more heavy-duty corset.


This corset combines the best of a sturdy corset and a soft waist cincher. The ultra comfortable and chic fabric allows you to wear it under light tops while the firm and flexible boning help cut down inches off your waist. Incorporating this corset into your daily exercise routine and eating healthy is a sure-fire way to slim your torso down.